My Thoughts


I have been looking for ways to connect with people on the internet in a more meaningful, personal way. The social sites are good but are limited when you want to have a long term interaction with a group of people.

Email is OK but not for a wider group and it has become abused by too many marketers and con artists.

I have tried setting up a blog and a forum a couple of years ago but there was so much spam and garbage promotion that it became annoying.

However I have decided to try blogging again. There are more tools to cut down on the spam morons, unfortunately it means getting genuine contributors to sign up in order to post comments, there is not much I can do about that.
I can only promise that I will not overload your email inbox, I do send emails to people who opt in to my lists but usually no more than once a week. Also signing up to post a comment or answer here does not automatically put you on my email list. That is reserved for people who have asked for more information or sign up for one of my courses and definitely opt in.

I know that this means that my list is smaller than it could be, but I really only want to stay in touch with people who want to communicate with me, that makes it friendly. So if you want to comment on one of my posts please do. If you want to start a new discussion or ask questions then click on the ‘Your thoughts’ link in the navigation bar up top.